Swimming Resistance Training Belt – Improve Speed And Explosiveness





The resistance bands are the best friends for sportspersons due to their flexibility and adaptability to the sports-specific movements. 


The swimming resistance training belt is one such equipment which can provide highly targetted training to the swimmers.

Here are some of the features of swimming resistance training belt –


a) Comes in different length and sizes – 

The swimming training kit comes in length ranging from 2 to 4 meters. More the length more is the distance we can swim against the resistance of bands. The two meters resistance band can be more than enough for kids, while 3 to 4 meters band is good enough for adults.


b) Develops maximum power and speed – 

The resistance bands, due to their variable resistance, are known to increase explosiveness and maximum power, which is vital for professional athletes competing at the national/international levels.  

The swimming resistance training belt can resist the actual swimming strokes in the pool to make the involved muscles strong and powerful.


c) Portability – 

The swimming resistance training belt weighs only up to 315 gm, which doesn’t pose any problem when carrying inside the backpack while traveling.

Don’t get worried about the loss of training when you are out of the station. Simply take out this lightweight swimming kit and train in a nearby swimming pool.


d) Premium quality material – 

The resistance band is made from quality latex material. The waist belt and strap are stitched with high-density nylon fabric for heavy-duty usage. The elastic rope/resistance band is sturdy and flexible for long term usage.



Specifications of swimming resistance training belt

How to use 

a) Simply wrap the strap at the end of the shore of the swimming pool around the hook. 

b) Wear the waist belt around the waist by tightening the velcro according to your waist size (Waist belt allowable range  – 55 cm/21.65in to 105cm/41.34in).

c) Clip the one end of the resistance band on to the strap and another end to the waist belt.

d) Now, start practicing your swimming strokes by pulling the body against the resistance of the elastic band. It makes the strokes harder for more engagement of fast-twitch fibers.

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