Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar – No Drilling





The research has time and again proved the benefits of hanging exercises and there is no need to explain those benefits. But how can you achieve those benefits right inside your home?


Features of wall mounted pull up bar

This wall-mounted pull-up bar is the perfect solution to look out for. No need to damage the walls of your home and waste extra money, drilling, installing the fixtures.




DIY Pull Up Bar

This is the biggest advantage when it comes to wall mounted pull up dip bars. Arranging the mechanic, drilling walls and no adjustments afterward ruins the experience.

Buy this do it yourself pull bar which can be fitted tightly between wooden door frames by extending the length against the door frames.

Check how to use instructions for more details.


Change locations at will

Similar to the free-standing pull-up bar, the wall-mounted chin-up bar can changed from one location to another within few seconds. Just shorten the length by rotating the bar from the center and its ready to installing again. Amazing, isn’t


Saves precious space

Unlike pull bar stands often found inside the gym, the wall-mounted pull-up bar is the only item you need, with no extra accessories. It is really hard to notice the presence of the adjustable pull bar inside the home due to minimal arrangements.


Premium Quality Guaranteed

The chrome steel bar has been tested fully for their durability and weighs 1500gm with a steel thickness of up to 1.9mm. The ordinary low-quality wall mounted dip bars weigh only upto 1000gm only.

Further, high-quality nylon washers have been provided at both the ends of the pull-up bar to ensure a super strong grip while also protecting the paint of door frames.


Workout like a pro

Just lower the height of the removable pull-up bar and get ready to do dips, sit-ups. Next week, increase the height of the pull bar by few inches and perform pull-ups, chin-ups, leg raises and other calisthenic exercises.




  • The wall-mounted pull bar is provided in two different specifications as under
      1.  Black, red, grey color with the load-carrying capacity of 150kg and  thickness of 1mm
      2. Burgund, silver and light grey color with the load-carrying capacity of upto 200kg with the thickness of over 1.8mm.

    We prefer you to choose the red and grey color to be on the safer side.


    • Measure the width of the wooden door frame. The pull-up bar comes in the 2 kinds of lengths.
      1. Black, red and grey color pull bar comes in an extendable length of 60cm (min)  to 100cm (max) with a safe usable length of 63cm to 85 cm.
      2. Burgundy, silver and light grey color comes in an extendable length of  80 cm (min) to 130 cm (max) with a safe usable of 83 cm to 115cm.

      Prefer the door frame width which is on the lower side of safer usable length to ensure maximum grip.


      • Now place the pull-up dip bar horizontally in the door frame at an appropriate height and rotate the bar from the center as shown in the picture until the bar extends against the wooden frame to the extent that no more expansion is possible.

        • To be on the safer side, experiment a few pull-ups and chin-ups consciously until you are ensured about the grip of pull up bar.


        • You are ready to rock now.




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