Waterproof workout backpack For Swimmers, Surfers, Hikers, Travelers





If you are a swimmer or a surfer, you shall be able to realize the importance of having a watertight workout bag in your sports.

Not only swimmers and surfers, but travelers, hikers, and other outdoor athletes shall also find this unisex gym backpack useful in many ways.

Here are some of the ways this dry gym bag can be useful for different sports

1) Perfect watertight backpack for swimmers & surfers –

It is sometimes difficult to find a dry place to keep your clothes and other essential items near the swimming pool.  Similarly, surfers also face similar issues.



The workout backpack for swimmers can be an ideal solution. Keep your wallet, keys, mobile, and earphones stored inside this watertight backpack and place it anywhere you find appropriate with no worries whatsoever.


2) Cleverly designed pockets for camping, hiking and traveling –



The gym and workout backpack isn’t just a waterproof bag but also includes five pockets designed at different locations of the bag for storing various items.

There is a zipped front pocket that can be used for keeping car keys, earphones, comb, shampoo, and other things that you may use more frequently.

The three inner pockets (without zipping) can be used for storing more expensive items like mobile, wallets, gold ornaments, and makeup accessories.

Further, there is another secret pocket at the back of the gym bag to store a hand towel, swimming glasses, socks, etc.

As such, hikers, travelers can find it extremely useful for keeping their tools, eatables, and clothing accessories organized while protecting them from rain.


3) Equally usable for daily chores –

Are you looking for a casual travel bag which can also serve as a gym bag while working out, don’t look further than this versatile travel-cum-sports bag.

This gym bag is large enough to store 14 inches laptop and 10 inches apple iPad, a couple of notebooks, and a water bottle.

Such a spacious bag is sufficient for school goers and university students with different pockets to organize their stuff.

4) Fit for people with different heights and body frame sizes –


Both shoulder straps of the travel backpack come with adjustable clips. That means, if you have broad shoulders or narrow body frame, simply increase or decrease the length of the shoulder straps accordingly.

Further, you can easily open/close the backpack by just pulling the drawstrings.

5) Premium and durable material –

The swimming backpack is made from durable and sturdy nylon, which is strong enough for day to day use for carrying resistance bands, sportswear, and other sport-specific accessories.  




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