Weightlifting Gym Straps – Extra Long

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More than heavyweights, what really hurts during weight lifting are the shoulders and hands. The hands start losing grip over the rod even before the back, and lower body muscles are exhausted completely.

 Weight lifting straps

Several mishappenings occur due to the dropping of barbells midway during weight lifting. The weight lifting strap is the most obvious solution you can find to resolve this problem.

Here are some of the unique features that weight lifting straps inherit

1) Provides most reliable grip over the barbells

The reason we have put this benefit to the top in the list is the length of the strap itself. The weight lifting strap measures 57cm in length with a width of 3.8 cm.

That means the extra-long weight lifting glove can be wrapped several times over the rod, thereby increasing the surface friction multiple times.

Increased friction means that the rod won’t slip at all during the entire weight lifting phase in exercises such as deadlifts, squats, power clean, etc.

2) Padding layer for comfortable grip around the wrist

The one side of the weight lifting strap has been covered with premium foam padding. This foam padding measures 16 cm in length and is wider than the remaining length of the lifting strap.

The padded length of the strap is wrapped around the wrist while the remaining length is used for holding the dumbbells/barbell rod.

The padded design prevents any rashes around the wrist while another portion of the strap provides the secured grip around the barbells rod.

3) Also useful for workouts with dumbbells and kettlebells

Even if you like to lift heavy dumbbells and kettlebells, this weight lifting strap is for you. Though barbells are popular in professional weight lifter’s circle, dumbbells, and kettlebells, workouts, especially with extra heavyweights, face similar issues of slipping from hands.

These versatile weight lifting gloves can be used for any high-intensity gym workouts where you want to improve the grip and comfort at the same time.

4) Built for longevity

The weight lifting straps have been made with heavy-duty ribbon and premium padding material. All straps are thoroughly tested for the heaviest of the stresses during deadlifts, squats, and its variations. It is a small investment for years of use. 




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