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Push-up is an age-old exercise that has proven its mantle over time. I bet, more than 90 percent of you, must have been practicing traditional push-ups against the floor.

What if we can do the same push-ups with a twist and target glutes, shoulders, back similar to the chest with regular push-ups.

Furthermore, the wrist is always at higher risk during weighted push-ups due to the awkward angle push-ups create during traditional push-ups.

The wooden push-up bar is the only gem that not only addresses the above issues but is also a symbol of comfort and aesthetics.

Here are some of the unique features, it possesses


1) Provides grip way superior and enjoyable than plastic & metal counterparts

When it comes to the feel of touching and using objects, wood has no other alternative. That is the reason wooden furniture and artifacts are so popular. It is the same logic; the wooden push-up bars have come into existence.

Thicker handles, in contrast to the ordinary push-up bars, provides much better and composed grip over the push-up bar.



2) Puts the least pressure over the wrist during bodyweight exercises

As we all know, all of the upper body weight workouts rely on the strength of the elbow, shoulders, and wrist joints.

If you carefully observe any calisthenic move, the wrist is always bent at 90 degrees while other joints are in a better position and shape.

The wooden push-up bar with elevated round handles (11 cm from the ground) provides a vertical grip resulting in a neutral position for the wrist. Now onwards, forget about wrists and focus on the technique and intensity.


3) Equally useful for calisthenic moves

Calisthenics is a recommended way to improve stability by firing stabilizing muscles, which are otherwise ignored during isolated exercise we perform in the gym.

Due to the possibility of keeping hands 11 cm above the floor, it is possible to perform V-sit, L-sit, tuck-sit, planks, handstand, and shoulder presses in addition to the regular push-ups routines. It is a wise investment worth doing.


4) Anti-slip and super stable design

Our wooden push-up bars come with a premium quality rubber padding inserted just below the supports of the push-up bar.


They won’t slip from their place no matter how unstable you are. So, if you are still struggling with the bodyweight exercises due to an unbalanced body, a wooden push-up stand is here to assist you.

Furthermore, the triangular support structures built around both ends of the thick handles enhances stability, which can only be felt during actual workouts.


5) Extremely portable

The wooden push-up bars we sell are incredibly lightweight. You can easily hide them inside your gym bag and carry anywhere in public parks, seashore, or nearby training facilities.


6) Premium pine wood used  –

Many of you must be having doubts about the reliability of wooden structure as compared to the metal push-up bars sold in the market.

Our wooden push-up bars are exclusively made from pine wood. The pinewood is known for its lighter weight and very high durability rates.

Further, there is also an improved version of pin wood push-up bars. It is technically named as carbonized wood.  It is heat-treated pine wood to remove moisture from the wood.

As a result, the carbonized wood push-up bars absorb much lesser moisture and less prone to damage due to their use on the wet floor and outdoor conditions.

 All the wooden push-up bars have been thoroughly tested for loads up to 200kgs, which is more than enough for the average fitness freak.







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