Yoga Stretch Belt Combo Kit

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Toning and stretching are some of the common tasks that everybody can afford to do. It doesn’t matter, whether you are a kid or an elder person. It also doesn’t matter if you have no prior experience with fitness.

An average person can do stretching and toning without any signs of cramps and aches, The yoga stretch belt combo kit is just made to meet the expectations of such people.

Here are some of the features of yoga stretch belt combo –


A complete workout solution – 

If you are a kind of a guy/lady, who don’t want to bulk up muscles but rather want a simple and comfortable accessory to tight the belly and skin under thighs, upper arms and chin, it is a perfect gift.

This combo kit has been designed keeping in mind the problems that we may face while doing real exercises.

A door anchor and a pair of premium quality handles is all we need to tone the muscles from all angles and in multiple planes. 


Handles which can also double up as protection sleeves for outdoor workouts –

The common problem with resistance bands is the unavailability of the smooth surface to practice on. For exercises such as squats, deadlifts, lunges where we have to press resistance bands under the feet, the uneven workout surface can cause resistance bands and stretch belts to snap quickly. 

Simple wrap the handles around the areas of yoga stretch belt which need to the pressed against the floor. Now, you can work out your body without restricting yourself to the house.


A Complete workout kit – 

The door anchor is one such accessory that can assist you in numerous exercises for upper body (rowing, lateral raise, chest fly, chest press) and lower body workouts (hip abduction & adduction, incline calf raise, squats). 

The door anchor with big round block and heavy-duty nylon stitching can fit along all four sides of the door. Tone your all big and small muscles like a PRO.


A portable pocket gym – 

No matter where you live or how much you travel, this unique stretch kit occupies negligible space in the backpack, suitcase, and even briefcase. Don’t give any chance to cheat yourself when the gym is always here right in your pocket.


Super stretchable polyester fabric – 

The yoga stretch belt has been made with super stretchable polyester material with a circumference of 180 cm and a width of 4 cm. The length of the yoga stretch belt is optimum for all the upper and lower body exercises. 


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